Advisor Spotlight: Thi Truong

Advisor Spotlight: Thi Truong

GameFi is very honored and proud to announce that a person with a very strong passion for blockchain gaming and DeFi has joined the team as an advisor to assist in the development of this project.

Thi Truong is the founder of Icetea Labs, an incubator of many high-quality blockchain games like Faraland, Bunicorn, StepHero, Kaby Arena, MechMaster, Cryptia, etc. He is also the founder of PolkaFoundry and Red Kite launchpad, making a massive impact in the industry.

Having previous experience as a Software Engineer, then became a manager of Kyber Network Hanoi, a blockchain startup, Thi today is also an advisor to various platforms and guides startup projects.

Thi will support GameFi by bringing the games incubated by Icetea Labs to GameFi. Additionally, he will co-launch blockchain projects between Red Kite and GameFi.

With his successful background in the gaming and the DeFi sector, he will ensure that GameFi will become a leading gaming finance platform and guarantees that it will be an accessible and reliable platform for most people.

We are very charmed to have someone as distinguished and brilliant-minded as Thi to be part of the team.

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