Aptos and Google Cloud Announce Partnership and Plan for Accelerator Program

Aptos and Google Cloud Announce Partnership and Plan for Accelerator Program

The cryptocurrency firm Aptos has revealed that it will collaborate with Google Cloud. According to Mo Shaikh, co-founder and CEO of the startup, this time the collaboration between the two organizations is “aimed at moving the Web3 movement forward with community and strong tech at the heart”.

In a panel discussion at Token2049 in London, Shaikh provided details of the partnership alongside Simon Baksys, the go-to-market and business development lead for Google's web3 division.

"I think the first time a web2 and a web3 company has come together in such a meaningful way," Shaikh said.

Google Cloud will verify nodes and take part in the Aptos mainnet. The BigQuery service on Google Cloud will also index and make the Aptos blockchain accessible.

The collaboration intends to support emerging talent, and next year, Google and the Aptos Foundation will co-host a hackathon in addition to launching an accelerator program. The Aptos blockchain is well recognized for drawing Solana developers who were fed up with "eating glass" on Solana and seeking a more user-friendly means to create decentralized applications.

"It should really be interesting to see those two worlds collide and those projects that will be interested in using both Google tools as well as Aptos tools to produce something really cool," Baksys said. "We'll definitely be continuing our quote unquote world tour and engaging with the community together."

Recently, Layer 1 blockchain startup Aptos launched their blockchain and the APT token, which quickly reached notable heights before crashing right after. Since then, the blockchain has been growing its community with the objective of attracting additional projects and their developers to the platform. As per Shaikh, “building community is the most important thing we [Aptos] can focus on.”