Be the Hero of a Real Sci-Fi Game: Epic War. Let’s Welcome a New IGO Project on Launchpad!

We are glad to introduce a new game with appealing gameplay and well-designed characters: Epic War. Its IGO on GameFi will be live soon.

Be the Hero of a Real Sci-Fi Game: Epic War. Let’s Welcome a New IGO Project on Launchpad!

Epic War is a massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game (MMORTS) and social network. Gameplay features various environments, plenty of separate units, and an active in-game economy with over 1 million transactions daily. Additionally, it includes a persistent chat system with public channels, private messaging, alliance warfare, and cooperation.

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Epic War is also a team-based shooter game combining diverse elements based on blockchain technology. Players will act as heroes with the ultimate mission to save the planet Kepler-22B. They can experience the role-playing of dramatic battles with teammates and earn in-game rewards.

The project commits to bringing the most fascinating experience thanks to its meticulously designed characters and appealing gameplay. It also aims to make a groundbreaking 3D real-time strategy battle with Metaverse multi-devices (PC, mobile, VR) and multi-chain technology (BSC, Solana, Near, and Polygon). If players want to explore new worlds, epic battles, and become the creator of NFTs, Epic War is for you.

Let’s wait for us! Epic War IGO and its special event will be unveiled shortly. Keep track of our communication channels and be the first one to join.

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