Binance integrates Binance Pay with Trust Wallet

Binance integrates Binance Pay with Trust Wallet

Binance and Trust Wallet revealed their collaborations on Wednesday with the integration on Binance Pay.

Trust wallet is a well-known decentralized cryptocurrency wallet. Without any KYC restrictions, any cryptocurrency investor can trade & retain his/her crypto assets on the Trust wallet.

With the latest integration of Binance Pay and Trust Wallet, users will be able to transfer money between these two platforms in just a few clicks rather than going into the Trust wallet every time.

The collaboration resolves particular problems consumers run into when transferring assets between different platforms. For example, high network fees, slow transaction time, and others. Therefore, users can now have a better user experience with these updates.

In addition to the difficulties already mentioned, another issue with cryptocurrency transfers is the numerous time consuming steps that must be taken. In order to complete a transaction, users must enter the wallet address of the recipient, switch between apps, and choose the right network choice.

With this integration, users are no longer need to go through the tiresome process. Instead, they can exchange assets across the two platforms in a few simple steps. Also, it comes with a perk of little to no transaction fees.

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