A new NFT strategy card game with the scenery of spaces, available on mobile and PC platforms. We are excited to launch X-Metaverse $XMETA on


A new NFT strategy card game with the scenery of spaces, available on mobile and PC platforms. All of the in-game characters and items are based on tokens and NFTs. Most of us have heard about the legendary Star Wars franchise and Starcraft game, therefore we could easily immerse ourselves in spaces like these on X-Metaverse.

Something about X-Metaverse

X-Metaverse is a huge decentralized financial and gaming ecosystem where developers, players, and collectors can be rewarded for their participation and enjoyment. As a Play-to-Earn game, players could get cryptocurrency while battling or discovering different galaxies. However, through numerous in-game activities such as conquering, exploring, mining, producing, and the diversity of pilot & space-battleship units, the developer aims to bring many more exciting gaming experiences than direct users to money-making purposes only.

X-Metaverse has been listed on Game Hub. To know more about the project, its roadmap as well as its team, just take a glimpse at the link below:

In the game, players will experience various content:

  • Exploration: Occupy different planets to get valuable resources by battling PVE, then upgrade the power of your army.
  • Ranking Tournament (PVP): Fight with players of the same rank, and get a reward of Token at the end of the season (monthly).
  • Star Alliance war: Another PVP playing mode to get Token. Through alliances, players could interact with their comrades, and enjoy battling together by attacking unknown planets, which is changed monthly.
  • Interstellar Travel: For players with Planet NFT only. Rewards could be dropped from defeated enemies, so there is a chance to get amazing booty in this mode.
  • Space Jump: Racing competitions between various kinds of space-battleship. Required entry fee. Top 3 players with fastest battleships could earn Token as winners’ rewards.
  • Mining Town: A place for players who are looking for an investment tool. Staking pilots will get tokens for players, and the speed of mining time depends on the level of pilots.

In battle modes, the minimum requirement to join PVE or PVP battle is having 1 pilot and 3 space-battleship. For the PVE mode, the number of pilots could be up to 3. There are a total of 7 deployment positions on each side of the battlefield, with a maximum of 3 space-battleships per army on the field, and each position has other impacts during battle.

One space-battleship could have 4 skill cards (Attack Power, Shield Value, Skill Effect, Consumption of Energy Points) while pilots carry only 1 card. These skill cards will go along with on-the-deck space-battleships or pilots. At the moment, a total of 150 skill cards are available in the game, including 120 cards for space-battleships & the rest 30 for pilots. More attractive, powerful upcoming cards will be released in a very near future.

What else in this universe?

X-Metaverse has its own marketplace, where gamers could exchange game assets transparently.

A total of 900 million of $XMETA will be released in different periods of time. This is a valuable token due to high demand - all core mechanisms in the game need $XMETA.

More playing modes, skill cards and other functions are still in the process, to bring better experiences for all gamers. We are excited to launch $XMETA IGO on Stay tuned for further updates!

Official website & social channels of X-Metaverse:

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