GameFi Collaborates with Hord

GameFi Collaborates with Hord

GameFi has formed another partnership with a fully decentralized cryptocurrency exchange-traded fund platform — Hord.

What is Hord?

Hord is one of the most powerful and fully decentralized cryptocurrency exchange-traded fund (ETF) platforms. One of its missions is to empower everyone to generate value for themselves and others while also rewarding them for their knowledge, experience, and success in creating more value for others. Moreover, Hord provides consumers who wish to get exposure to the crypto gaming business to acquire and hold a single token with weighted assets that are rebalanced for cost-effectiveness.

How does Hord work? To put it simply, this platform will purchase your market token and place it in a smart contract that stores the token. The ETF token will be minted from the smart contract that represents the value of the underlying exposure.

These ETFs are beneficial to most investors. This is because ETFs have instant diversification, ease of use, almost no fees, and have automatic rebalancing that spontaneously rebalances an investor’s portfolio to precisely represent current market conditions.

Partnership with Hord

Through this collaboration, Hord will be featuring GameFi in the first-ever Crypto Gaming Sector ETF. GameFi is chosen as one of the projects to be highlighted in this event. In return, GameFi will be promoting Hord’s app on its platform to emphasize its quality and advantage to investors.

GameFi’s partnership with Hord is a fundamental move in improving and developing the features of GameFi’s ecosystem.

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