GameFi to Support Conducting IGO for Prometheus — the First On-chain NFT RPG Developed by Metagame Arena Studio

GameFi to Support Conducting IGO for Prometheus — the First On-chain NFT RPG Developed by Metagame Arena Studio

We are excited to introduce an upcoming IGO project on GameFi — Prometheus — where you will experience an NFT role-playing game with a unique mythological system.

The project has now been listed on GameFi Aggregator, where you can find in-depth information about game features, play mode, play-to-earn model, and more. Read game details here!

Prometheus is the first on-chain strategy role-playing NFT game launched on BSC. It creates themes based on the exchange, collision, and fusion of Eastern, Western myths and all mythological systems worldwide. War and peace, mercy and divine punishment, hatred, and love, all of them will be rewritten in the myth of Prometheus metaverse.

The game Prometheus is a 5v5 NFT battle with two types of gameplay: PvE and PvP. Players will engage in combats which consist of daily gameplay battles, daily arena, significant events, and guild battles. They will study the level’s criteria before choosing combat cards for various factions and generations to win matches and get rewards.

Prometheus provides a broad range of options for gamers who want to push themselves to their limits. It incorporates elements of action, cards, turn-based, and role-playing games in one place. As a result, Prometheus will bring a different experience to play than the usual NFT game available on the market.

GameFi is thrilled to partner with Prometheus to conduct the IGO event for $MGA on November 30, 2021. Shortly, $MGA will serve as a platform token across multiple games, linking NFT resources and providing link value. Additionally, it will provide the underlying technical foundation for a voting method for decentralized communities’ comprehensive project development. Players can also use them to purchase on the open market and upgrade combat cards and items in Prometheus games.

Find out more about Prometheus:

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