GameFi will support PolkaFantasy to conduct their upcoming land sale on GameFi ecosystem

GameFi will support PolkaFantasy to conduct their upcoming land sale on GameFi ecosystem

GameFi is thrilled to announce a collaboration with the world’s first-ever Japanese-themed NFT games and marketplace, PolkaFantasy.

PolkaFantasy is an NFT cross-chain marketplace & multiverse game, influenced by Japanese art and animation. People can compete in skill-based video games, collect, battle, and enhance their armies, hone their skills across numerous game scenarios in PolkaFantasy’s world.

PolkaFantasy is a unique ecosystem consisting of an NFT Marketplace, NFT-mobile Wallet, and multi-chain functionality that supports NFT games with a focus on Japanese ACG culture and art. It offers great convenience to the users by combining in-game item purchase, exchange & storage, and an NFT marketplace & wallet in a single platform with its own currency. Players will have full control of their in-game items that they win or purchase and have a unique identity credited to their account.

PolkaFantasy acts as a bridge between the virtual and DeFi worlds by enabling users to generate NFTs representing their limited-edition collection of in-game and digital art items. Let’s explore the endless possibilities of the NFT space outside of simple novelties with PolkaFantasy.

Through the collaboration with GameFi, PolkaFantasy’s upcoming land sale will be conducted on our ecosystem. Players can purchase, sell lands of PolkaFantasy’s magnificent realms via GameFi’s marketplace. Each parcel of land will bring opportunities to cultivate in-game amazing rewards. Besides, PolkaFantasy players will receive GameFi support when connected to our ecosystem.

In return, GameFi will enable access to PolkaFantasy to utilize the distinctive features of the ecosystem. Furthermore, this partnership will escalate each other’s visions, captivating prospective investors, traders, and players to both platforms.

More information about PolkaFantasy can be found via channels:

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