Introducing an Upcoming IGO Project on GameFi — The Killbox Game — The First FPS Game on Blockchain

Introducing an Upcoming IGO Project on GameFi — The Killbox Game — The First FPS Game on Blockchain

Do you want to become a sharpshooter? Do you want to experience a unique FPS game with various game modes and awesome rewards? Let’s join The Killbox Game and fight your way to the top.

The Killbox Game is an action-packed, bloody first-person shooter game in which players can create elite squads and trade in-game NFT weapons (AK-47s, grenades, swords). Immersing in the Killbox game, gamers will experience thrilling competitions, overcome weekly challenges and compete in ranking matches to get crypto prizes.

The Killbox will feature an immersive 360-degree arena fighting experience with virtual reality capabilities. There are numerous game modes for users to choose and join: sniper, bio, team DM, head to head, or run ’n’ gun mode.

In The Killbox, maps, characters, and weapons are specially designed for die-hard fans. Colors, shadings, icons, and materials of the NFTs are designed exclusively according to different qualities and types. Players will get unique weapons of equal quality when they open one of the chests. Additionally, there are tons of elite competitions with real-time gameplay. When users win these competitions, they can obtain tokens, NFT, and other attractive rewards.

Partnering with The Killbox Game, GameFi will conduct an IGO event for $KBOX on November 22, 2021. Players can use $KBOX to upgrade their armory, trade items, open chests, purchase land, and more. This IGO will be a great chance for users to get tokens and prepare for the game. Please stay tuned on our channels to receive detailed schedules and whitelist registration information.

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