Introducing an Upcoming Project on GameFi — Unbound — A Cross-Chain Aggregator Layer for AMMs

Introducing an Upcoming Project on GameFi — Unbound — A Cross-Chain Aggregator Layer for AMMs

By building the next money lego through unlocking the TVL (Total Value Locked) within the DeFi system, Unbound can solve problems with liquidity pool tokens in a decentralized, trustless and secure manner.

Unbound is a decentralized cross-chain liquidity protocol that builds the derivative layer of Automated Market Makers (AMMs). It provides crypto users with the first-ever debt-free liquidity provision system that collateralizes LPTs to generate synthetic assets.

Unbound intends to build products that are both native and modular to the DeFi ecosystem. It will bring a liquidation-free liquidity provision system, liquidity lock contracts, stablecoin UND, minting cross-chain synthetic assets, and secured price oracles.

Unbound offers three primary services in the form of fully automated smart contracts that do not require any third-party intervention.

  • Minting: This feature lets users deposit their LP tokens as collateral to mint UND stablecoins and other synthetic assets, including uETH.
  • Unlocking: Users can unlock the underlying collateral upon return of borrowed funds, including the minting fees. Additionally, they can repay the total loan amount in separate portions, at separate times.
  • Earn: The Unbound protocol’s earn function rewards users for providing liquidity to the UND pools. Users can deposit UND in the Unbound liquidity pools and earn UND rewards continually proportional to the size of their deposit, which gets accrued to the user balance.

On December 13, GameFi will launch a public sale for a $UNB token on our launchpad. UNB is used for protocol governance in the Unbound ecosystem. Token holders will vote on suggested policy changes and implementations to better serve the community and improve the protocol’s efficiency. Please stay tuned on GameFi’s official channels to receive details of whitelist registration and the $UNB public sale.

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