MetaMask Introduces Bridge Aggregator Allowing Cross-chain Crypto Transfers

MetaMask Introduces Bridge Aggregator Allowing Cross-chain Crypto Transfers

MetaMask, a well-known crypto wallet provider, has released a new feature that allows users to transfer their cryptocurrency across several chains.

According to a blog post by MetaMask, the service is a component of its recently released portfolio app and is currently in beta testing.

Connext, Hop, Celer cBridge, and Polygon Bridge are the four bridge providers that MetaMask claims its bridge aggregator will support. The cryptocurrency wallet service asserted to have gone through a thorough screening process before choosing its bridge suppliers. It added that the selected bridges had passed decentralization and security standards.

These bridges allow users to transfer up to $10,000 worth of supporting tokens between Polygon, Avalanche, BNB Smart Chain, and Ethereum. Supported tokens include Ether and wrapped Ether; popular stablecoins such as DAI, and native gas tokens like MATIC. Users can use the bridge aggregator to identify the most affordable way to transfer coins between supported networks.

In its beta version, MetaMask promised to waive transaction fees for bridge cryptocurrencies. It is also planned to support additional EVM networks like Optimism and Arbitrum in the future.