New Job Listing for a Crypto Policy Expert at Bank of America

New Job Listing for a Crypto Policy Expert at Bank of America

Bank of America, a major provider of financial services, is now searching for a crypto policy specialist to assist the company with compliance.

The Bank is seeking a crypto policy and insights manager to monitor regulatory hearings by federal and state authorities and offer crucial insights into their ramifications, according to a recent job offering on LinkedIn.

The bank claims that the ideal applicant would have proven expertise in blockchain, fintech, and related technologies as well as pertinent governmental regulations. The applicant must have at least two to four years of experience in the field of cryptography.

The candidate is also required to stay abreast of US policy implications of international regulatory trends related to cryptocurrency.

“[The candidate will] lead the development of insightful thought leadership on the regulatory implications of emerging trends, articulating a concise and compelling point of view designed to support company leaders’ understanding and assessment of these issues.

The candidate would also work to advance beneficial laws, taking into account how they would influence the company, its customers, its staff, and even Bank of America's rivals. Other responsibilities include interacting with various regulatory bodies and fulfilling their needs.

“In this position, the applicant will be in charge of evaluating potential policy changes, creating and implementing advocacy plans that support company objectives, forming industry coalitions, drafting proposed laws, amendments, and comments on existing regulations, producing analyses, position papers, executive summaries, and reports, and composing external communications, including testimony for governmental and regulatory bodies."