Press Kit

We provide extensive services for blockchain gamers, investors, and traders is one of the best performing game hubs that offer all-encompassing services including Game Aggregator, Game Marketplace, Game Accelerator, Yield Guilds & Scholarships as well as a Game Launchpad exclusively made for games.

General information

Founding date: August 2021


Business Contact: ???


Ecosystem features

  • Game Launchpad: First IGO (Initial Game Offering) platform, with tools to facilitate launching new coins, crypto projects, and raising liquidity. Launchpad helps investors identify early-stage potential blockchain games and participate in their presale rounds.
  • Game Aggregator: A listing page of the industry‚Äôs most creative blockchain games, where players, investors, and traders can receive in-depth information about their game modes, game studios, whitepapers, tokenomics as well as planned IGO events.
  • Game Marketplace: First multi-chain marketplace for trading blockchain game items across game borders, with easy connection to wallets, quick purchase, and payment.
  • Yield Guilds & Scholarships: Yield guild for gamers and token holders from multiple networks. Token holders can finance Play-to-Earn gameplay through Scholarships and other creative activities.
  • Game Accelerator: Accelerate your blockchain projects by adopting factory contracts for token economies, NFTs, and Play to Earn mechanics. Get your games exposed to a large community of players and investors.


Game Projects

  • Facilitated holder-player relations
  • Player-centric development funding
  • Rapid exposure for the game and its items

Game Investors

  • Easy onboarding of scholars
  • First access to major games' tokens
  • Better liquidity for game assets

Game Players

  • Costless access to Play-to-Earn games as a scholar
  • Fast access and tracking of all games
  • Liquid market for all game items

Logo & colors

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