A totally new and amazing playground is coming to users: ROI Prediction. It’s a chance to get rewards freely and easily. Let’s join now!

Introduction to ROI Prediction

ROI Prediction” is a mini-game that is integrated into each IGO pool so that all users can join and play freely. Users will guess the highest ROI (Return on Investment) in a timeframe to win rewards.

Legends of Elumia is the first project that hosts its game on Just access the IGO pool and play, users will have chances to earn precious rewards worth 300 BUSD.

It's free to play for all users who meet one of the following requirements:

How to participate in the game?

  • Access:
  • Connect Wallet
  • Predict the highest ROI 24 hours after listing time, which is ROI at 13:00 UTC, April 27, 2022
  • Enter your prediction in the form and Submit. Refer to the example below for the answer format.
  • Approve your submission with your wallet

E.g. 1 ELU = 0.05 BUSD.

The highest price in 24 hours after TGE is $1,532995 which means its ROI reaches 30.6599x. Then, the correct answer will be 30.66 - 2 digits rounding.

📌 Note:

  • The highest price is calculated based on the statistics of both CEX/DEX where tokens will be listed on. Whichever is higher will be the final result.
  • There might be differences of price among exchanges and snapshot time. Yet, the final result is up to the team’s decision).
  • In each pool, each user can only play ONCE.

How to get rewards?

  • The reward will be given to the 10 winners with the exact answer. If there are more than 10 winners, we will select 10 correct answers based on the earliest submission time. If there are less than 10 winners, rewards will be equally shared among them.
  • If no one gives the correct answer, 10 closest answers will be selected based on the earliest submission time.

📌 Note: Rewards will be airdropped to user wallets after reviewing time.

Free to play and easy to earn. Let's predict now!

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