Sims, SimCity Legend Will Wright Is Making A 'Metaverse' NFT Game On The Blockchain

Sims, SimCity Legend Will Wright Is Making A 'Metaverse' NFT Game On The Blockchain

Will Wright, the creator of SimCity and the original Sims, has not created a major video game since 2008's Spore. However, he's back in 2022, working on something called VOXVerse.

It is a social game where you can mine stuff, build stuff, and interact with other players. Additionally, each character is a voxel-based squat character. There’ll also be real estate that you buy and own, and I think you can see where this is going.

The proposal meets all the criteria for something that ought to have been revealed in May 2021 before being quietly dropped a year later when the ass fell out of market. It uses the word "metaverse," it's on the blockchain, and its whole design sounds like it was created specifically to impress the type of men seated at the boardroom table of a Web3 start up.

It's promoting the sale of NFTs as well. The "Vox" characters at the center of the project aren't brand-new; rather, they're part of an existing line of NFTs that includes licensed tie-ins from things like Trolls and The Walking Dead. Cryptocurrency company Gala Games, which invested $25 million to launch VOXVerse, sells the Vox characters.

In an interview with Axios, Wright slightly distances himself from the NFT side of things, saying “I don’t really want to be in the business of selling NFTs,” and that his main interest in the blockchain is that “I want to have secure transactions for content creators.” Axios’ Stephen Totilo adds though that during this portion of the interview, co-founder “Elliot amiably interjected that some aspects of the VoxVerse project technically are NFTs.”