Steph Curry Registers ‘Curryverse’ Metaverse Trademark

Steph Curry Registers ‘Curryverse’ Metaverse Trademark

National Basketball League (NBA) star and non-fungible token (NFT) enthusiast Steph Curry has filed a trademark for the “Curryverse,” expressing intentions to develop dynamic "virtual environment" for the sale of NFTs and metaverse.

Curry's personal, virtual, and metaversal looks are all included under the whole trademark application, along with "online gaming services in the nature of virtual worlds."

Curry has been an ambassador for cryptocurrency exchange FTX since September 2021, but this registration marks his first documented claim to a crypto-related trademark.

Curry is also not new to the NFT scene; in August 2021, he bought a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT. Other digital relics, including a membership card to Web3 golf company LinksDAO, are also part of the NBA star's collection.

In December 2021, he collaborated with Under Armour on his first official NFT release, which generated sales of more over 2200 ETH, or almost $3.5 million, according to OpenSea.

In line with the broader "tokenized fandom" genre, Curry's NBA club, the Golden State Warriors, has also adopted Web3 connections through a number of collaborations to sell NFT memorabilia.