The Rise Of Mobile Gaming Shared A Lot In Common With Crypto Gaming

The Rise Of Mobile Gaming Shared A Lot In Common With Crypto Gaming

There were numerous people who were skeptical of mobile gaming in the early day, but now it accounts for 60% of the market. Similar trends can be seen in crypto games.

Mobile gaming has developed into a significant pillar of the interactive entertainment industry during the past ten years. Users from all across the world have gained access to smartphones, which has expanded their world of gaming. The introduction of blockchain technology is currently bringing in a paradigm change by giving players the chance to both fully own the in-game assets they acquire or earn and to create real value from their time spent playing.

The mobile gaming parallel

It would be similar to the situation if you looked at mobile games in 2005. When Nokia adapted the classic game Snake to its variety of mobile phones, it was one of the most well-liked early mobile games, with thousands of players worldwide.

Many saw mobile gaming as a curiosity for lite-core players who would never be able to compete with the selection on consoles and computers. Today's top video games, such Fortnite and Arena of Valor, are incredibly well-liked by enthusiastic players and have even had an impact on the larger gaming business.

The future of crypto gaming

There are already upcoming game generations that will challenge classics. Importantly, the industry is recognizing that games need to go beyond cash reward and create genuinely interesting gameplay to attract and retain players. Some of these games still include P2E elements, and others use NFTs.

What happens to Web3 will only become clear with time, so those who are betting against it might wish to reconsider. There are numerous similarities between what we see today and how mobile gaming developed. In 10 years, it's likely that these kinds of games will just coexist with their gaming device and smartphone counterparts. What killer apps may open the scene to a bigger audience is still up in the air.

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